Extraordinary First Company Reunion in Gran Canaria for 2022

Beginning of last month we had two intensive weeks of in person meetings and activities with the visit of our CEO and CTO, Cameron Garnham.

It was a great opportunity to get together and enjoy some good food and weather while talking about different project related topics as well as getting to know each other.


Some of the things that we talked about were:

  • The relevance of Blockchain for our project and its upcoming challenges.
  • How Blockchain works and why Blockchain is important for AI development.
  • How Bitcoin works and its relevance as an example of Blockchain implementation for the economy.
  • Bitcoin’s development process and which elements make sense to emulate for us.
  • Our Spin-off projects’ (Git-Queue and Librarian) usefulness to other repositories and which things to focus.
  • Our hiring and community building plans.
  • The relevance of Open-Source to AI and software development overall.
  • Review of the expertise that we are gathering and the perceived improvements that can be made to the tools that we are using.
  • How AI models can be expanded using plants as additional neural networks.


Many of the meetings were held on the go while exploring the island together. We had several excursions to the coast in the north and south as well as some visits to the islands inner, and a small detour to visit a Bonsai center in Teror.

Coast Trips

Mountain Trips

Bonsai Center

Team Building

All in all the two weeks were filled with interesting conversations and good team building exercises like hiking in the foggy and rainy mountains.

We look forward to the next meeting in September!!! If you want to know about how to become part of our team, check this out.