Iakkai Saga available on the App Store!

Iakkai Saga Logo
Iakkai Saga Logo

After some months of hard work we finally published the first application built entirely using Boken Engine, Iakkai Saga: The Curse of Blood.

Iakkai Saga - Apple App Store preview

You can find it on the App Store:


Our goals at the beginning of the project were:

  • Try to build a complete demo using all Boken Engine features.
  • Make it fun.

Regarding our first goal we think Iakkai could be a good starting point to build your own app using Boken Engine. It could be used as a boilerplate for your own projects. We are planning to add more documentation about how to integrate Boken Engine on your own app but this sample should be useful to understand and play with all the Boken Engine features.

If you want to use Boken Engine we think you should try first to setup and run Iakkai. You can also follow the instructions on the Boken Engine documentation.

Regarding making it fun, we chose a game topic that some mantainers know very well. In fact, all the application contents were done by Yeray and Constantin including script and graphics.

We hope you enjoy it!