We work on both external and internal projects. External from customers and internal to realize our own ideas. On this page you will only find a reference to our internal public projects.

Internal Public Projects

We have three types of internal projects:

Project TypeDurationPurpose
Long term – Vision Projects2 to 5 yearsRealize a product and/or service vision geared towards the community to cater to specific need, or interest.
Short term – Stepping Stone Projects3 to 9 monthsCreate and test the necessary components for our long term projects.
Short Term – Spin-Off Projects3 to 6 monthsAdapt entire Stepping Stone projects or smaller parts where we see potential of immediate value creation for a more general use by the community.
Internal Project Types

One of our lead values is to create immediate value with everything that we do, which is why Open-Source code is our approach. The code is available to anyone through public repositories on GitHub and we often enter into collaborations with other companies.

If you are curious about our roadmap for the coming years and the individual Short-Term projects you can find it here.

Current Vision Project – Local AI Assistant

AI Assistant Icon
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  • Create a basic simple AI-Assistant for end-users to run on their own local computer that can be expanded and customized.
  • Put in place the necessary infrastructure platform to train and verify new AI modules to be developed by the community.
  • Develop a marketplace platform for additional modules.
  • Share the knowledge and establish a community around our technology

Current Stepping Stone Project

1Large File Media Management Platform using GitHub RepositoriesTo learn to manage large file media through automated GitHub repositoriesEthical Software Ltd.Proof of concept
Stepping Stone Project Overview

GitHub Repositories

1Chinese Ideographs WebsiteWebsite automatically populated based on changes made to the Chinese Ideographs Media LibraryAutomated Website
2Chinese IdeographsDefine and test different approaches to the media library managementLibrary
Stepping Stone Repository Links

Current Spin-Off Project Repositories

1git-queueGitHub commit queue for multiple simultaneous jobs to avoid concurrency problems using git commentsGitHub workflow manager
2Nautilus LibrarianWorkflow action service worker to manage file repositories and provide various useful actionsGitHub workflow service worker
3Librarian System DockerfileInfrastructure for the Nautilus LibrarianDocker infrastructure
4Nautilus NamecodesNamecode nomenclature for file management systemFile naming specification
5Secure Git GuideA collections of articles about Git, GitHub and GPG focused on security. User guide, resources
6Open Source GuideResearch and collection of information regarding creating and running an open source project and community as well as contributing to it.User guide, resources
Spin-Off Project Repository Links

For a complete overview of all our repositories please feel free to browse our organization’s repositories on GitHub or check our current most active projects below: