Useful New Secure Git Guide

Secure Git Guide
Secure Git Guide

Last month we launched our Secure Git Guide. We decided to create it so that other developers can benefit from our insights from the work that we are doing involving advanced Git.

For our new projects our team has intensely worked with the intricacies of Git and GitHub and still is doing so. There were several challenges that our developers had to deal with and things that they discovered.

If you use git check it out we touch upon the following topics:

  • GPG and how we use it for projects.
  • GPG basic and more advanced uses in relation to GIT and GitHub.
  • GitHub secrets, tokens, etc.
  • GIT vs GitHub differences.
  • etc.

Here is the link to out Secure Git Guide if you have suggestions, would like to contribute or are dealing with any specific challenges we are always looking forward to be of help and improve the guide. If any of the above is your case, feel free to create an issue in our GitHub repository here.

Besides this if you are curious about any of our main project repositories they are these:


  • Command line AI assistant base module and the necessary infrastructure to train and expand it, with additional AI modules.


  • Highly efficient Torrent indexing and tracking server solution written in Rust for private hosting and operation.

More on our company here.

Thank you for reading and we hope that you will learn something new!